Today I had the wonderful experience of feeling full-on, heart centered validation from Universe on what I’m trying to accomplish on this planet in terms of being a Lightworker and helping to shift things one energy block at a time.

It began with the simple idea of popping into my son’s school to pick up a container that we brought in last night for Grade 8 Grad treats for the dance.

What followed was the most amazing conversation with one of the teachers about hopes and dreams, the broken school system, the importance of kids learning resilience, the problem with perfection… and the beauty of simply stopping, sitting quietly and melting into the pure simplicity of meditation.

This teacher had recently experienced her very first meditation session following a charity race. A group meditation was one of the planned activities. Her experience was nothing more than sitting quietly in a group by a river and focusing on clearing the mind of all thought. Just this simple activity that only lasted for 5 minutes has had quite a profound effect on her.

Naturally I needed to speak up and tell her about what I do…. that I’m an energy healer and offer group meditations here in the neighbourhood.

She absolutely loved this!! She completely acknowledged that in her own circle of influence more and more people are taking their interest in holisitic living from the stage of curiousity to the stage of “I need this in my life!”

In just the past few months, I have been feeling very strongly that the tide has turned… enough information has now flowed into the collective consciousness…. and it’s just a matter of time for more people to start activating their subconscious desires for more connection to higher levels of energy and the soul group information that flows into the physical through this connection.

People are feeling the call in droves… they are feeling the pull for more…. they are feeling deep inside how unfulfilling certain aspects of life currently are… they know there is a much richer, more fulfilling experience within grasp.

So my bit of advice to all of you lightworkers…. stay the course! Our tough slogging is nearly done, and June has been a heck of an oppressive month energy wise. As far as I’m concerned, we are over the hump! Things will be oh so much lighter moving forward…. and your heart’s desires are ready to materialize into the physical realm.

The only thing I caution is this – get ready!

Are you physically and mentally prepared to be doing energy healing sessions on a daily basis? Do you have the physical stamina to see clients all day, every day? Have you set yourself up for success with a session space that you love and feel very comfortable in? Have your figured out the nitty gritty logistics of a budget, marketing materials, your elevator speech?

If you are feeling unsure about any of these questions…. use this summer to take your business plan to the next level. Quit the bad habits like smoking and drinking… eat the healthy food and skip the junk, get cracking on upgrading your website, learn some simple graphic design, cast aside your unease with selfie videos and get posting that shit to social media.

The world is your oyster…. dream big and don’t allow any of your fears stand in your way. If you still have fears… get some energy work done and lets clear that crap out of the way.

I hope some of you read this and feel inspired. If you have other suggestions or offers of encouragement please post below.

Have a wonderful weekend,