Below is a channeled message that I received January 1, 2019. It speaks to the power of love, some of the behind the scenes on the purpose of my energy healing sessions, and continued reassurance that we are all loved and supported more than we can image. This is the absolute perfect message for all of us to receive as we begin what will be an amazing 2019.

Love travels easily, is transmitted easily, but also is blocked easily. To receive love means that the walls of doubt must come down. To question everyone’s motives for showing love and affection truly blocks the healing energy of love.

How powerful to be in the full flow of Universal love – giving and receiving in the full volume as intended. To literally glow as the driving engine of the Universe pulses through you – encountering those who shy away from love merely shows those who are damaged and need healing. Allow them to accept healing at their own pace, as benevolent beings work to align energy systems that are intricately connected through all dimensions of time and space.To provide healing for one is to provide healing for the entire Universal consciousness. To help one is to help all.
Every encounter of healing is tremendously significant and powerful in ways you can’t imagine. Timelines shift, paradigms shift, personal story lines shift – all for the person’s highest good.Sometimes subtle, sometimes profound. sometimes for personal, physical, mental, emotional healing – and sometimes to heal an entire sector of the population.
Sometimes a person is merely a catalyst for change, sending a ripple of positive growth through a bloodline, through a sector of society, or through all beings who vibrate at the same frequency.The healing is always perfect and exactly what must be done at that very moment. The people who come for sessions are always exactly perfect for that moment.
Momentum builds and more is required. Momentum builds and you must answer the call with love in your entire being, with walls of doubt dismantled.
We send you love and support that everything is perfect – that growth is happening, that your family is supported and protected, and everything is as it should be.
You experience emotional pain to reveal where your own work is required. Seek out your own self-healing in whatever shape or form feels perfect.
As we send you many ways to clear the path and to allow you to build toward full self-realization. You are loved. You are powerful. You are here for great purpose!