Every two weeks I host a meditation group at my Cambridge, ON location. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience energy healing in a group setting while also going deeply into the meditative state. Even people who have never meditated before often report having profound experiences. Below are a few thoughts from one of our sessions. No two are ever alike! 

Now that was a pretty great meditation group last night…it was all about grounding.

The very high frequency energy was certainly present, but it flowed through all of us like heavy liquid honey… connecting with the dark, rich Earth energy that had wrapped around our ankles.

We connected strongly to the energy of love, which is the underlying heartbeat of the Universe… feeling that connection very strongly in our diaphragms.

We invited in our spiritual healing teams to help us to adjust and align with the higher levels of vibration now present on Earth. One participant is very psychic and she could see dozens and dozens of beings around each of us… working away to make adjustments.

We then used our collective energies to hold open space for planetary healing. I envisioned a bluish white beam of light coming down from above and slowly spreading across the surface of Earth. The intention was to connect everyone together who is like-minded and ready for energy healing, connection and ascension.

Three of the meditation participants saw either a large golden angelic being (I think Lakshmi), a large angelic being with purple and white feathers (the Seraphim angel?) and then another person saw a criss-cross patterns of white feathers spreading across the Earth.

We all had this wonderful feeling of calm satisfaction, connection and love. It was a pretty fantastic evening.

Next meditation group is Thursday November 29th. Watch for the event posting!!