Every two weeks I host a meditation group at my Cambridge, ON location. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience energy healing in a group setting while also going deeply into the meditative state. Even people who have never meditated before often report having profound experiences. Below are a few thoughts from one of our sessions. No two are ever alike!

Thanks to everyone who attended last night’s meditation group. As always, it was a very fun, lively social night… always so great to connect with like minded folks.

And the meditation part??…… WOW!!! The channeling and energy downloads are becoming more intense.

Now I never know what is going to happen during these meditation events, so I’m always as amazed and surprised as everyone else by the end. When I open the channel to higher frequencies to flow through me, I’m also given messages to deliver and guidance for the group.

The most interesting thing for me last night was being instructed to unlock a door using a special key while we were in the zero point field. All of us were instructed to visualize the perfect place, a door, a safe… whatever… and use whatever key that appeared. Turning the key and opening the door activated a powerful energy download of new gifts for all of us.

To me it felt very mathematical, with Universal wisdom flowing through to help us with manipulating reality…. meaning that I’m getting greater information to change paradigms to help with healing, manifesting, and more powerful alignments for Universal Flow.

Everyone’s downloads last night felt different… meant different things.

As always, these downloads will take time to process… days, weeks, months. But I truly do feel like there is greater access now to important information. We are just scratching the surface of knowledge that will be available to us in the years to come.

Very exciting stuff!! Next meditation group is in 2 weeks… Wednesday July 25th. Look for the invite under my events section.