From a January 4th, 2019 Facebook post… 

Every morning this week I’ve been grabbing a coffee and spending 30 minutes at my dining room table with a pen and a notebook.

This is a daily practice called the “Morning Pages” where you do a brain dump of anything that comes to mind… done as soon as you can manage after waking up.

I have found this practice to be amazingly cathartic. I tend to bottle up my emotions, and only write when I’m upset. Writing on a daily basis is giving me the opportunity to let everything flow…. all of my hopes and dreams, shit that’s making me mad… frustrations that I have. The funny thing is that the good stuff is making up about 95% of my writing… and the crappy stuff is barely there at all.

How it is affecting me physically and emotionally is amazing. I truly feel calm, peacefully, joyful and optomistic. And a lot of this writing feels like it is connecting me in directly with my higher self. A lot of what I write feels like important channeled information… not just for me, but all of us.

Here’s an excerpt from Day 1:

“All of the struggle around us is just illusion. We can have whatever we want, be whatever we want and go wherever we want. There are no limitations other than our own fears and doubts. We must not be controlled by these lower, less desirable emotions. We must rise up and claim all the riches of the Universe available to us. We are strong, we are powerful… we are magnificent manifestors of the highest degree. We must believe that we are royalty… that we are deserving of everything that we desire. We must unhinge the stone that holds us back… causing us to feel less than… powerless… undeserving. This is our time! We must fight back from those forces who try to control our will… our passion… our creativity. All is not lost… quite the contrary… all is just beginning.”