Originally written August 30, 2018

This week I’m grateful that my writer day job has been fairly quiet as most of my company enjoys the last final hurray before kids head back to school. This has allowed me to do that typical running around that so many of us moms do…. organizing back to school clothes, buying school supplies, haircuts… and for me that also means helping my boys to clean their rooms and gasp! A bit of extra baking for the freezer.

So while all has been quiet on the day job front… wowzers are things picking up speed evenings on the energy healing front. I’m very pleased to see so many new clients giving energy healing a try. For many this is their first time trying energy healing, but they are feeling the increased curiosity lately. For one client in particular this week, the signs just couldn’t be ignored. The synchronicities were everywhere pointing this person toward energy healing.

I’m so glad to be helping to get this person started on what will be an amazing journey!!

The more I work with energy, the more in love I fall… often I’m asked if back to back sessions day after day wears me out. Quite the contrary! For instance after hours of sessions last night, I found myself at loose ends… so I grabbed my rock climbing shoes at 9:30 pm and hit the bouldering walls at The Core in Cambridge till 11 pm.

When I facilitate energy healing for you, I’m also receiving a session. Bathing in this high frequency energy is simply awesome. I feel light, happy, sleep great and have loads of energy. My desire for watching television and eating junk food disappears. I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in months!

When you immerse yourself in the world of energy… things will change. Sometimes it will feel like you are being forced into a corner of making choices between right and wrong, but there are no bad choices ever…. only choices/decisions that you are ready to make.

As you dive deeper into energy healing, you will start to become aware of what you need to be your best self. Your intuition amps up and you will start to get deeply in touch with who you want in your life, what you want to put into your body for nourishment, what you will be keen to incorporate for fun activities.

However, you will still also likely spend lots of time on things that maybe no longer fit. Up until a few months ago, for me that included watching too much boring, stupid television, eating chips and sugar like they are major food groups, guzzling wine and gin & tonics like they were the elixir of life, and knowing I should exercise, but bah… who has the time or the energy?

How have I made changes in my life? And why now? To be honest, I’ve wanted to make a lot of changes in my life for as long as I can remember. What has stopped me is simply myself. I have spent a great deal of my life making choices to please others, to accommodate others, to feel like I fit in with certain crowds.

When I quit drinking months ago, my biggest fear was that I would no longer be fun… hilariously funny at times… the party gal that would do anything for a laugh. Sadly I felt that people would find the real Sherri kinda quiet, kinda shy and kinda boring.

So pushing into month four without booze… and yes I am kinda quiet, shy and boring. But you know what? I really don’t care. What I do care is that I’m now finally following my path that the Universe is laying out for me… and that is huge. I’m truly going where my intuition is guiding me. I’m following the gut feelings on foods to eat and things I need to have fun and feel satisfied.

And go figure… what makes me really happy is working really hard physically a LOT! Maybe I was a rock picker in a previous life, but boy there is nothing like working hard for hours in the blazing hot sun for me to feel amazing. I talk often of my love of yard work at Vinegar Hill. Rock climbing also gives me this type of immense satisfaction. It’s just me against the wall… It’s just me using my own strength to pull myself up that wall. Heck last night I even started training to do pullups. That is not something I thought I’d be doing as a 50+. Looking forward to having the sculpted muscular arms I’ve always dreamed of. J

And how fun to have a whole new reason to connect and bond with my crazy rock climbing teenager and pre-teen! Rather than our family drifting apart during the teen years, we are growing closer with even more mutual interests.

We’ve all heard the phrase of ‘go with the flow’… but wowzers, when you actually stop resisting change and embrace it, the results are hugely satisfying and even more great stuff starts to flow into your life.

As always, I know my writing is a bit rambling… but I like to write when I’m in the flow of high energy that works through me… so rambling prose filled with heart-felt emotion is the result.

I hope you all have a fabulous Labour Day weekend… and sending you all lots of ease and grace if back to school is in your immediate future.