adventure-backpacker-climb-1365425Originally written August 28, 2014

Twice a month I lead an energy healing/meditation group. This is a very friendly, and I think, supportive environment for people to test the waters on what this “so-called” energy healing is all about.

It gives people an opportunity to meet me, and I hope, find that I’m a normal, bubbly person leading a busy life like everyone else. In addition, and most importantly, it’s an opportunity for like-minded individuals to share stories.

So  I Channel Healing Energy

It’s a work in progress as I try to understand what I do, but it’s safe to say that I channel a huge and powerful energy that quickly and efficiently transforms individuals into the people they want to be. What I mean by this is that this energy very quickly reveals the root cause of a person’s emotional hang-ups, and then slowly but surely over time, helps the person to let go of that emotional crap. This letting go of emotional crap isn’t done all at once… that would likely cause you to have a nervous breakdown, or to feel physically ill…. what some refer to as a “healing crisis.” This energy that I channel likes to work in segments, in regular short spurts. So most people will attend my meditation group twice a month, and as well see me for a private session once a month.

Having exposure to this big energy three times a month will very quickly transform you into the person you are meant to be. But this change that I’m talking about, what do I mean? Well, I mean we are stripping away all of those belief systems.

Those Dreaded Belief Systems

When you are born, and everything is shiny and new, you are emotionally very open and voracious for learning. So who do you learn from? Your parents, your grandparents, your siblings, your aunties and uncles, cousins and other family members in what I like to consider as your first circle of influence.

Then as you grow a bit older, that circle of influence extends to daycare workers, babysitters, family friends, teachers, etc.

So how does this affect you? As you grow and learn, you are taking on everyone’s belief systems. You are trying to figure out how to survive on Planet Earth, and you are looking to others to show you the way. In the process, you are also exposed to all of their thoughts and ideas, fears, prejudices… and who they think you should be.

And then there is your own stuff… experiences that make you frustrated, angry, scared. Think of all the times someone yelled at you, made you feel stupid, felt they had to put you in your place, belittle you… okay, I think I’m starting to reveal too much of my childhood here! Lol…. but you get the picture.

Think of some of your own experiences, and how does that make you feel today? Can you feel in your physical body where you are holding that stress?

Releasing That Emotional Crap

When I work with an individual in a private session, or a group of people in a meditation, most of the time this emotional baggage is focused through the chest and abdomen.  I see it as dense darkness, oily black, feeling very heavy and yucky. It’s not nice stuff… it weighs you down… it makes you emotionally feel like crap, and it manifests over time into physical issues.

Have you ever wondered why some people get sick, and others are healthy even though they live in the same area, eat the same food and are exposed to the same environmental factors such as water, air pollution, etc.?

Maybe some folks are simply better at letting things roll off their backs, rather than harbouring every single bit of emotional crap that has ever been flung their way. Holding on to every bit of sarcasm, every criticism, every angry outburst… okay… lol… once again I’m digressing into my own childhood. You get the picture!

Your Emotional Back Pack

So what does all this rambling have to do with our title of today’s blog post “How Big Is Your Emotional Back Pack?”

During last night’s meditation, I was given guidance by this powerful energy that I channel to paint a picture for those in attendance.

We were in a large space… what I referred to as the Zero Point, the Place of Infinity, the space of All That Is… whatever term is familiar to you. If none of those terms are familiar to you, then I’ll need another blog post!

So we are in this space… no walls, no floor, no ceiling. A space where we can Simply Be. No borders, no barriers, no limitations as we feel in physical form. Simply our entire selves… our emotional and spiritual bodies fully expanded. It is quite a remarkable feeling… you feel enormous and alive…. in a state of bliss where anything and everything is possible.

While in this state of bliss I asked everyone to think about their emotional baggage… how large was the burden they were carrying? What were they ready to let go of?

I had the group envision a backpack…. any sort of backpack. It could be large or small, brand new and high tech or old and beat up. Whatever suited them.

I asked them to feel the weight of that backpack, and to feel how the shoulder straps were digging in.

At this point, it was absolutely not necessary to see what was in the back pack… the contents were history, in the past… we didn’t have to open up that door of pain anymore.

What was important was that the participants were comfortable with the idea of giving the back pack and its contents away, with no regret or sadness. That they were ready to release themselves from the weight of that backpack.

Once everyone was ready to let go…. I gave them a visual cue to take off the backpack and simply set it down, or watch it float away, or even see a Being of the Light or an Angel reach out and take the back pack from them.

And WOW!!! What a difference. This simple act of giving away the back pack while in this amazing space of infinity had all of us feeling so much lighter and happier and refreshed. Like a huge weight was lifted away.

Thanks for reading,