flower of lifeWe live in a multi-dimensional Universe that our human brains can hardly attempt to understand. A number of years ago, I started to receive information from a group called  The Eloheim Council. They are mentioned often in the Bible and describe themselves as sitting at the right-hand of the Creator or God; and here to help guide us along our often bumpy journey.

I began channeling The Eloheim in January of 2009, and the words flow easily while I sit in a state of clarity in front of my computer. They describe themselves as Creator Gods, creators of this Universe that we call home. They are warm, loving, funny, thought-provoking… and they are here now to help us grow, to help us learn! I am honoured to work in collaboration with them to bring these teachings to Earth at this time.

What follows are direct channelings – word for word – from The Eloheim. I hope you will enjoy and find comfort and inspiration in their messages.

Who are The Eloheim?

“We are ancients. We are regal. We are powerful. We can promote great change. We offer the greatest of advice, or insight, of guidance. We are simply here to help. We only ask for a pure heart, an open mind, and cooperation in helping us to spread the messages that need to flow to the people of Earth. We are the facilitators of much good. We can lend a most powerful hand up to those who assist us. We call on only those of the most brave heart. of the most pure inner desire to facilitate true change among their fellow man. We are the change seekers. We are the catalyst for change. We are here to help humans move along their evolutionary path. We are simply here to help. We are God’s servants here to help the inhabitants of Earth.”

What Does The Eloheim Hope to Accomplish?

“The Eloheim is hoping to empower humans to wake-up and reach their full potential. For every human that wakes up, there is hope for hundreds, if not thousands of others to do the same. For every human that starts to question what life is all about is a victory for us, for you are feeling the stirring of something big deep within you. This is a very exciting turning point. There is much work to do, but so much already accomplished.”

What follows is their message of love to humanity:

The message of love is as old as time itself. Love is one of the energetic building blocks of the Universe. The energy of Love is more powerful than most realize, but love is sadly lacking in modern times. Technology is wonderful, but it comes at an enormous expense.

As humans greatly speed up their ability to communicate with others, the true essence of communication is being lost. That is the fundamental sharing of energy that comes with exchange. To feel the warm embrace of another… to hear the sound of their voice… does it not stir your soul? Do you feel this same warmth and tenderness from a text message or an e-mail? The emptiness of such communication can be hard to recognize.

Do you feel the emptiness inside, the longing for more, the ache for real friendship? This is your soul calling to you to find the energy of Love; and by love, we do not mean romantic encounters. The energy of love comes from face to face, real-time human contact. There is a great void in society today, and everywhere are the signs of the price you are paying.

You are angry, miserable, scared, confused, lonely, sad… oh so sad. A sadness that cuts to the very core of your being. And scared… filled with a fear that paralyzes your every move.

These words might seems strong, over the top, but can you identify with some of what we say? We are the Elohim. We are on God’s right hand side. We are here to serve you… to help you find your way. Will you listen?

Fear is the predominant energy for too many. Fear is preventing so many humans from reaching their full potential. Fear is what drives the global economies. Fear is what suppresses the middle class. If you take away fear, then you allow people to blossom like a beautiful flower.

Think of the most lovely, dewy peony in your garden in summer. How you love the many petals, it’s fragrance, it’s grace and beauty. And how you marvel at how all of this beauty bursts forth from a tight bud the size of a walnut. This is the way of humans when love is allowed to flow… when fear is removed.

You all have the ability to burst forth in a dazzling beauty for all to see; but unlike the flower, your beauty and splendor is NOT fleeting. Rather it grows and grows… knowing NO limits.

What do you need to know today? What assurance can we give you?

Please trust that everything is okay, that you are surrounded by love and security. Trust in the higher powers of God. Trust that everything is unfolding as it should.

Humans everywhere need to trust their intuition, their gut, their inner knowing. When something feels really, really right, you are on the right path. When something doesn’t sit well will you, consciously be aware of that and trust that something is not right with the situation.

Humans have such an ability, such an awareness to perceive already. Intuition is a great gift, great insight, a form of your telepathic ability that will only become stronger and stronger if you simply trust what you feel.

There are so many of you who are waking up… seek out those individuals to help guide your own progress. The spirit of cooperation is a vital component of the new Earth. Humans helping other humans for the greater good is a vital lesson for all to embrace.

We are The Eloheim…
We are here to help you on your journey.