adventure-backpackers-girls-236973Originally published September 12, 2014

In the spiritual community, we often advise our clients, people who attend our mediation groups, individuals that come to us for private healing sessions to find the path of least resistance… to simply do what you love. Easy to do, or easier said than done? I’m guilty of falling off the path, and here’s how.

Free Fall Into Fear

Instinctively, I know that my path to happiness is to simply do what I love. And what do I love to do? Well, a lot of things.

I love to help others, I love to teach others, I love to cook, I love to hang out with my kids, and I love to work hard at my cottage. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

So is there a problem? Not really, except I do have niggling doubt that is constantly working to derail my joy. For instance, today is a day where niggling doubt is working to derail my joy.

I love my life as a healer…. I love bringing in this huge energy that helps others to feel lighter, freer, less cloudy, less burdened. Yesterday I had a client that simply said during her session, “I’ll do this energy work, but I don’t really know if I believe in it.” BINGO… that’s all it took to make me question everything that I’m doing.

What am I doing?
Is it helpful?
Does it matter?

The short answer… when I seek counsel from my higher sources… is “YES, absolutely this is helpful!” Do humans truly understand what is happening? NO.

What’s Going ON?

And that is the source of the doubt that many of us will feel about energy work. We simply can’t see the big picture. We can’t see how we are simply bits of energy, amongst millions of other bits of energy.

We can’t see how our energy goes out of alignment and then affects the harmony of all those other bits of energy. We can’t see how someone else’s energy currently out of alignment will affect our own energy.

All we know are our emotional responses to how our energy is being affected. So long blog post short… when those niggling doubts starts to consume you, when your joy feels diminished somewhat, when life starts to feel too difficult, STOP!!

Stop That Thought Process!

Stop entraining your energy to the lower vibrations that are pulling you in that direction. Literally put a STOP sign up in your mind, and break the connection. Command your energy field to DISENTANGLE from the feeling or emotion thought pattern or memory that is starting to drag you down.

When you command the energy to disentangle, see it as a knot starting to unravel, or a black fog starting to dissipate. In your mind’s eye, see the darkness or confusion being replaced by a white mist, by a golden glow… and ask your energies to re-align with the highest vibrations that are perfect for you.

Get Back On the Joy Wagon

The bottom line is all of us are susceptible to falling off the joy wagon. Every minute of every day we are challenged energetically. We are gullible to our fears. We can be so quick to judge ourselves. We can be so quick to fill ourselves with self-doubt.

The good news is that you can get off the slippery slope as quickly as you find yourself on it. Practice creating a mental STOP Sign in your mind’s eye. Practice DISENTANGLING from any thoughts or actions that are based in fear. Get back ON your Path of Joy!!

The more you practice the art of disengagement from fear, the easier it is to resistant the temptation to get on that fear path in the first place. As always, I welcome your comments, and I hope this is an interesting read for all of you.

Be Your Best!