flower of lifeI am a channel for The Eloheim. This group of high frequency energy describes itself as a caretaker of God, tasked with helping humanity to evolve and shift to a higher vibration

I began my work with The Eloheim back in 2009. What follows is a collection of their channeled messages to me, which often flow very easily as I sit at my computer. I am fully awake and conscious as the messages flow. It’s like my brain kicks into a new gear.

I hope you enjoy! It’s a transmission of Love.

Let’s dive deeper into the Energy of Love.
Love is truly all there is.

It’s no mistake that so much of the esoteric teachings focus on love; for with the energy of love, true transformation of the human collective is possible.

Feel the undercurrent of energy that flows through you as you read these words. That is not your imagination; that is the energy of love that we transmit to you. Some of you may feel it stronger than others. Some of you may know exactly what we are talking about with a knowing; some of you may have joyful curiosity, and desire to know more, to feel more.

When you are drawn to these words, to this energy; you are on your true path. There truly is no right or wrong in any of this. Some of you are ready and willing to shift into higher vibration. We are here to help you make that shift.

The power behind the energy of love truly begins when you have shifted high enough. This is a pivitol time for you to work on clearing karma, clearing emotional blockages, and moving your frequencies to high levels. Every time your frequency moves up a notch, you can feel the difference. There is more joy in your life, there is more clarity of thought, there is easier manifestation of abundance.

Often, the shifts required to these higher frequencies can feel tumultuous. You feel angry, jittery, depressed; this is your emotional body shaking things up, shaking the junk loose, sweeping the dust and cobwebs out of the corners for easy disposal.

Please trust your own intuition that these episodes of blackness are truly for your higher benefit, and they will pass.

Whenever possible, take advantage of healing sessions, meditation, and visit the energy lightworkers that you are drawn to, which will help you shift and evolve faster.

Diet is so very important with clean, pure water, and vegetarian food; Fresh fruits and vegetables in their most natural state. Avoiding processed unnatural foods and drink as much water as possible.

Of course we tell you to live and enjoy life, but please try to limit the junk… in small doses please!!

Big Energy Shifts to Come

More to come in the days, weeks and months leading up to some big portal openings for this Earth, and Universe. These are wonderfully exciting times, and we are here to help you make the transition.

There are winds of change blowing… for the better! Hold on to your hats, and know in your hearts that everything is okay. Things might feel rocky for a while, but there are calm seas ahead.

Remember to stay centered, and know in your heart that you are on the right path. No good comes from worrying. If you feel stress or anxiety, change your focus as quickly as you can. If sitting in front of that computer has you feeling doom and gloom, burderened with stress, a cloud of darkness descending… get up, get active! A walk around the block, a quick jaunt to the corner store, or whatever errand you might need to do can do wonders for your mental health.

Most important… keep a bit of nature close by. So many of you are caught up in the all too real cubicle hell. Don’t under-estimate the power of a small plant or bouquet of flowers by your side; even a picture of nature.

You are of nature, you crave nature, and this is a very artificial environment that you have created for yourself. Of course, there is nothing like the real thing; so find the time to walk in a park, break a sweat over a shovel in your garden, or simply plant some pansies in a pot. Your heart will be glad you did!”

Why are We Here?

There is no mystery to this life that you live, that all people live. You are all here living the human experience. You are all here to give your souls a workout. You are all here, going through life’s trials and tribulations, joy and sorrow, with one goal in mind;  to give your Soul the experience it craves!

Everything about your life is beautiful, wonderful, amazing. Despite what you think, there is no downside. Every experience you have – from the mundane of getting up and brushing your teeth every morning – to the oh so special moments that make your heart sing; these experiences are all wonderful, fantastic… rich with life.

Your soul wants to know everything; wants to experience everything. The more that you realize that everything you do, everything you experience, is for your soul’s benefit the easier your life becomes.

You are not stuck here! You WANT to be here. Situations don’t just happen to you. You CREATE them to experience a wide range of emotions.

Please keep in mind that you are loved and supported by the higher realms. Sometimes these times of transition can feel rocky and unsettling. The important thing to remember is not to take any of these unsettled feelings personally. Let them simply wash away like the tide going out with the Sea.

Now is an opportunity for clearing, for bringing more clarity into your life, for letting go of those things you no longer need.

You are Perfect

When you look at a flower or the leaf on a tree, you are looking at the perfect simplicity of the Universe. When you look inside your heart, you are seeing the perfection of you, your Universal perfection, the God within.

Today, many of you are looking for that which will make you happy, bring you peace, fill that void. You are searching outside of yourself for that which you need. What we tell you is that you already have all you need, WITHIN YOU. You simply need to peel off the layers that are keeping you from seeing your true self.

Your heart chakra is your gateway. When you clear the path of unwanted clutter, you open the way for new thoughts and ideas to enter.

Many people feel that this journey is so difficult, so much to do, so much to learn.
Many question if they are really getting it? What does it mean really to be ascending…. Am I doing this right?

We tell you… you are ALL doing this right. There is no wrong or right in any of this. Simply being aware that things are shifting within, having that desire to know more, knowing in your heart that you are supposed to be doing something; this is the key that unlocks your super-conscious mind.

When we say you already have everything you need within, we mean you are already a very advanced being on a super-consicous level. And what we are helping you to do is to have a stronger connection to this super-conscious mind.

This is the importance of meditation; allowing your present state of mind to slow down, shift into neutral, and simply allow higher thoughts to flow to you without restriction.

We hope this resonates with you.
We know you are all here for a reason. We know that you are all working very hard to understand.
We assure you that you don’t have to work so hard – simply allow.

In Loving Help,
We are the Eloheim.