design-desk-display-313690Originally published February, 2015

That title is an attention-grabber. Did it work? Did it make you stop and think for a moment?

Is YOUR Job Killing You?

Now when I ask this question, I don’t mean you are working in an unsafe environment filled with noxious fumes. What I’m asking is: Are YOU happy? Are YOU fulfilled?

In my energy healing practice, I see clients who are sick and depressed. I see people who feel like life is weighing them down. Unfortunately I also see people who are battling serious disease and feel like they are now in a battle to live.

It’s often when things take a serious turn into the disease state that people start to evaluate their lives.

One client recently told me that after an initial diagnosis of cancer, the main goal was to get better and get back to work as soon as possible… work being an extremely busy computer job coupled with CEO of a busy household. A classic case of one person wearing many hats and working, working, working day and night to serve many people.

All was good for a while… and then the cancer returned. When this happened, a light bulb went off. The extremely busy person found the courage to really evaluate what was going on…. asking that question: “Is my job killing me?”

This light bulb moment prompted many other questions. Am I happy being this busy? Do I feel fulfilled? What am I doing for me? Am I giving too much of myself away? What do I need to do to restore emotional, spiritual, physical balance in my life?

Take Stock of Your Life and Take Charge

If this story is resonating with you, is it time for you to do a self-evaluation? Look yourself in the mirror and ask, “Am I happy?” If that question causes doubt, confusion, pain… maybe it’s time for some change.

Sure, sure… I know. You are now saying it’s not that easy. There are bills to pay, kids to raise. I don’t like my job, but I need the money.

Hey, I’ve been in your shoes. I was a 12 hour a day, chained to my desk certified workaholic. I had lots of money, but no life. I had what I felt was a big important job, but never had time to see my kids. The worst part was the feeling like I had a gaping hole in my chest and I was just so sad and depressed.

When I decided to make changes to do things I truly loved that fed my soul, I’ll admit it was scary. It literally felt like trying to turn a big ship around.

Slow and steady is my advice. Small changes over time become very big wholesale changes over the long term.

Short Term Ideas

So what are some of these little changes I’m talking about? First one on my list is walking.


Walk for 20 minutes every day. It’s easy, it’s free, it gets you outside. Oh yes… I’m not talking about walking on a treadmill. Get out into your neighbourhood and leave the earbuds at home. Walk outside and listen. Get back into the rhythm of life. Hear the wind in the trees, the birds, the crunch of your feet on the road.


I know a lot of people find a blank page very intimidating, but we aren’t trying to be the next bestselling author here. Journalling is your opportunity for what I call a brain dump. Start by simply jotting down words or phrases that pop into your mind. You might find that sometimes what you write seems angry or sad. Other times it’s filled with hopes and dreams. Journalling is great because it’s just for YOU. You are getting those emotions out, rather than keeping everything bottled up inside.

One Day at a Time

Remember to breathe and take it slow. When you decide to change your life, there are some deeply ingrained patterns and belief systems that must be altered. It can feel like turning around the Titanic. So cut yourself some slack and celebrate the little changes you make. For those little changes will eventually add up to significant changes over the long term.

Energy Healing Helps

Ultimately we are all slipping and sliding through life to simply experience things for the sake of having the experience. As an energy healer, I help to make that experience a little easier. If you think about it, the human body is nothing more than a bunch of tiny electrons all held together.. making up a large body of energy. Sometimes this energy can get out of balance.

In my energy healing session, I help restore that balance. My recorded meditations are also useful tools. I hope you enjoy them and find the peace and serenity you crave.

All The Best,