alone-angry-anxiety-236151Originally written March 14, 2016

Every morning I bounce out of bed and wonder what I will learn today. I’m voracious for knowledge on all things related to Spirituality, and vibrational healing; quite simply how we can be better human beings.

A great place to learn more is by following Bashar. Have you heard of Bashar?

Who is This Bashar Fellow?

Channelled through Canadian-born Darryl Anka, (first cousin to singer Paul Anka, in case you were wondering), Bashar describes itself as a being of extraterrestrial origin speaking through Darryl to give us information that clearly explains in detail how the universe works and how each person creates the reality they experience.

For the past 30 years, Bashar has provided detailed information on how our thoughts become physical reality. He/it talks in length through public channeled sessions about how WE have the power to change our reality simply by changing how we think about ourselves and our world.

Self Empowerment is the Secret

Right now planet Earth is going through a major transformation – an evolutionary leap to the next level of consciousness. Bashar’s message is clear – you need to increase your self-empowerment and your connection to your Higher Self in order to consciously create the kind of reality that you desire.

Are you Living in Victimization?

Some of Bashar’s content can be quite mind-bending to comprehend…. but hang in there. A strong message that I recently watched included the topic of  self-victimization. Bashar  says there are three main words to identify if a person is in a state of self-victimization…. they are BLAME, COMPLAIN & JUSTIFICATION.

A person will project blame on others for their situation, they will complain about the situation that they are in, and most importantly, they will justify being in that situation. So let’s stop and think for a moment…. think to what is bugging the crap out of you the most right now and let’s analyze if this is a case of self-victimization. Are you blaming others for your situation? Are you constantly complaining about your situation? Are you justifying why you are stuck in this situation?

I’m Guilty!

I will be the first to admit that I’ve played the victim a LOT… and you know what??… it’s really hard to stop! Here’s an example:

I LOVE the energy work that I do. I LOVE channeling big energy and helping people to shift into a higher state of vibration, which ultimately helps you to get aligned with your higher self, your true passion; gets you on The Path, and as Bashar describes it, gets you aligned to be in the Flow and heading toward the leading edge of conscious creation. I LOVE IT! I have the best job in the world.

But wait!  I’m not good enough, I don’t know enough, I can’t make any money doing this, I need to get a real job that that has the society stamp of approval on it that will earn me a paycheck, that will help raise my family, pay the mortgage and ultimately allow me to feel that other people aren’t thinking that I’m some kind of hippy dippy meditation, spiritual channeling weirdo that carries crystals, chants, and wears a mumu.

So instead of just doing what I love, which feels as good as breathing to me, I constantly try to swim upstream and convince people to hire me for jobs that I don’t even want… or I accept jobs that I can do, but make me feel dead inside. I go to work, I earn my paycheck, but there is no joy. And then I blame others for my situation. I complain constantly that I’m not happy; and even more bizarre, I justify the situation because at least I’m earning money to buy groceries and pay the bills.

BIZARRE!!! Bizarre that we are soooooo willing to play the victim. Bizarre that we are soooo willing to deny ourselves the bliss that comes with being our authentic selves. Imagine if we all simply stepped sideways and started doing what WE LOVE to do, regardless of what others think. Just imagine how amazing it would feel to be surrounded by people who are charged up and excited about life! Imagine how that would change your family, and your community.

This is what Bashar is talking about. Our thoughts and feelings have the ability to change our reality.


This is your life. It is your decision to make choices that are for your greatest good and happiness. Again, I’ll give you an example of what I’m doing:

NO MORE self-victimization for me! I’ve complained a LOT in the past about my work life. Mostly I don’t bore people with the details anymore, rather I bore the crap out of myself writing out my frustrations in a journal. But NO MORE!! I’m moving on and embracing my energy healing full-time. I am fully following my internal guidance system and moving towards things that make me feel inspired, excited and fully centered. I’m paying attention to those feeling that flow strongly through me. If I get a feeling of un-ease, that means the situation isn’t right for me. I’m open and allowing for the right situations to come into my life. I’m doing what feels right for me.


Sometimes situations in our lives are complicated. I totally get that. When I first began my journey from self-victimization to joy, it felt like I was being tasked with turning the Titanic. Luckily I’ve avoided most major icebergs. There have been bumps and scrapes along my journey, but as Dorey from Finding Nemo always says… I just keep swimming… and eventually things make sense again. I get out there, I meet people, I learn new things… I follow my gut instincts. I’m happier today than I was 10 years ago, and I’m super excited for the future.

This has been a long post, but there is just so much to say about this topic. Heck, I only just scratched the surface! At the very least, I hope it gives you some food for thought and inspiration to continue making those changes that will keep you moving forward toward higher levels of consciousness and ultimately personal joy and satisfaction with your life.

Have an awesome day!