firehorse_0015In the years that I’ve been involved with energy healing, I’ve come across many amazing people who are doing their own unique work with Universal energy. One practitioner that I love to have annual check-ins with is Carol Glover of Cambridge, Ontario who provides Energy Readings for your business.

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Sherri’s Reading: 

Good morning Sherri, this is Carol with your Business energy scan. Today is August 3rd, 2017. Thank you for your patience with this, and I’m just going to take a minute and get myself settled in and connected.

So the first thing I look at is the foundations of a business and what’s really cool with yours right now is and seems as if foundations that used to be there no longer are.

And the really cool thing is that instead of waiting for a new foundation, you’re sort of building it brick by brick as you go. Looking still at the foundations, it’s interesting because there are different rooms, but at the same time hallways and doorways are being built.

All of the things that you do are transferable, and that’s really cool. A lot of people when they have multiple businesses or multiple things that they do… they compartmentalize where there is little correlation from one to the other. With you, you have those halls and doorways, so you always bring all of you from one to the other and it’s a really cool mingling that’s going on.

Looking deeper into this, the healing part of you and the receiving… everything seems to be waking up.

There’s a strength that’s building. Kind of like your receiving muscles, building your confidence in your healing work, and at the same time all of that strength and power radiates out. And when it radiates out, it ignites other people like a spark. And as I say that, I’m getting a bit of a hit for you to remember that receiving back for the work that you do isn’t necessarily a one for one exchange…. Meaning if someone works for you, you get paid. It’s not as linear as that. It seems lately that how you’ve been seeing things.

But with these sparks and things you’re igniting in other people, you’re actually doing the Earth’s work and the Universe’s work. So in that, you can request to be paid by the Universe for that. So you don’t know, you’re not cognitively aware of all the people that you’ve touched, and that you will be touching, you can ask the Universe to be paid for the work you do on its behalf, and simply be open to receive.

Since the Universe doesn’t always work in our hard currency, be open and aware of other things that you receive…. Material, non material, relationships, and just things that light up your soul. In addition to money, things like that are your payment for services rendered. And they will be above and beyond the gifts that you already receive, like the energy you receive from Vinegar Hill, the things that you see in nature and appreciate. It goes above and beyond that in ways you could never imagine.

What’s happening now is that my eyes are really itchy and I’m rubbing them clear which means to me that your ability to see that payments and those gifts is being cleared.

Moving on to the other business energy centres, there’s no one centre really calling to me for attention. I’m just getting an overall, “You are SO on course, and connected and on track,” that you’ve been wishing for and hoping would appear.

You are so in-line and in that vibrational place to attract it all, to receive it all, and for things to really click.

So how cool is that? It’s so clear. There’s not one block, not one point of not ready. There’s green lights everywhere.

Looking at outside influences, even there there is nothing and no one in your way. There is not one hint of any significant resistance by anyone, from anyone, from anything.

Looking now to see if there’s anything more for you to do, or to be, or to learn, or to add…. All I’m getting there is that it’s simply choice. Whatever your heart’s desire There’s no actual requirement, nothing lacking that you still need to get in place or to learn. So if there’s anything you see that you would like to learn, that you would like to add, it’s all choice.

Anything that you learn or add from here on in would simply compliment… but not required.

Looking at the financial side of things for you… you are completely at choice. You can set prices, you can change prices, you can do anything now and there is NO Way that it can’t be inline with whatever you desire. Just choose it and grab it, and go.

It’s incredibly rare that I see a business that is this primed, or a person that is this ready and actually doing it; and doing it in a way that is not linear, not expected, and what totally works for you.

Man, what would it take for more people to do this? You’re an absolute inspiration, and I guess that is the spark that you set off for other people and not even know that you’re doing it. You don’t have to tell anybody about anything, you just be this little beacon wherever you are, and people are picking up on it thousands of  miles away.

Just go… this is so your time. Choose it and go. There’s nothing that can stop you now except your choice.

I’m sitting here and I’m looking for trouble in your business. I’m looking in all the corners, all the nooks, all the crannies to see if there’s anything that can trip you up, and I am not finding one single thing that is not clear for takeoff.

There still may be some influences around you that may not seem so positive, but there’s nothing that can actually stop you…. Except for you choosing to let those things mess with your head.

I honestly can’t find one other thing to say. Thank you for letting me see what’s possible and for just doing your think, allowing it to happen, and nothing thinking there’s anything wrong with it, or if there’s something lacking. There’s not one think lacking, not one thing wrong that I can see of that your business is telling me about.

Thanks for being so clear.