It’s hard enough moving around when this winter weather is all over the place like a roller coaster. But when your joints ache… ugh!

A lot of my clients seem to be dealing with sore knees. Since there’s an energetic reason for everything, here’s a bit of insight into what a sore knee is trying to tell you.

Knee pain is often associated with big change in life. The knees can often show us when we are allowing your ego to get the best of us. Challenging life situations can make you feel vulnerable and scared. Some may choose to stand rigid and stiff “kneed” to these circumstances, resisting the change. This fear of change and resistance can start to tax the energy system and make us feel overwhelmed. What happens next? The energy system in the body shuts down and the knees collapse.

Any of these ring a bell?

  • Stubborn ego and pride.
  • Inability to bend.
  • Fear.
  • Inflexibility.
  • Won’t give in.
  • Fear of change of life direction.
  • Lack of ease of movement.
  • Unable to be flexible.
  • Not wanting to bend, usually to authority.
  • Ego gets in the way.
  • Pride gets in the way.

The collapse may not be such a bad thing. For one, it forces us to rest. Also, collapsing to the knees represents a form of humility. It can signal the desire for higher knowledge and a willingness to receive and heal.

Left knee pain:

  • Needs to be more receptive to life experiences.
  • Insecurity.
  • Unresolved stress.

Right knee pain:

  • Need to be more assertive.
  • Not wanting to give in to authority.
  • Conflict.
  • Moving in a direction you don’t want to, but you go anyway.
  • Spiritual turmoil.
  • Conflict over no longer being physically able to do something you used to be able to do.

Energy Healing for Knees:
Hold your hands just above the knees and close your eyes and breathe deeply. Think about your knees and simply become aware of your knees and what is going on with them. Notice what you feel. See if anything comes through to you.

Apply slight acupressure to a main points around the knees which helps to open the knee energy. You can massage around the knees, or look up acupressure points to locate specific channels and meridians.

Stretch the knees and muscles surrounding the knees by standing straight and then grabbing your foot behind your back. Stretch the calves by standing on the edge of a step and allowing the heal of one foot to drop down. Switch to the other foot. Roll the quad muscles with a foam roller. And stretch the hamstrings by sitting on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you and stretch forward.

Drink more water to keep the kidney energy system performing optimally. Drink less coffee and teas with caffeine as this will cause kidney system weakness.

Rest during the winter months. You may notice your knees become more sore or weak during the winter. Also the kidney system is tied to winter season. So it’s no wonder that if you play too hard or work too hard in the winter time, you will feel it in your knees. During the winter season, try to stay balanced and get good rest.

Use affirmations to help you with feeling okay with moving forward in life.

My experience:

Sometimes clients are sore, sore, sore… with hips, knees and ankles all giving them grief.

My first course of action is to do a top down chakra balancing. Starting at the crown and work down to the root chakra. Issues of the joints are connected with the root chakra, which governs structural support, the spine, emotional security and confidence  – and the adrenal glands.

After I’m satisfied that the main chakra system is balanced, then I will move to one side of the body…. with a hand on the thigh above the knee and one on the shin below the knee. I’ll tap into the emotional body and see what lurks beneath. Sometimes I’m feeling into a lot of fear, anger, sadness, guilt…. and I allow these stuck emotions to unwind.

I talk to the client while I’m experiencing these emotions, allowing them to actively participate and tell their story about the life experiences connected to these emotions.

Sometimes it is incredibly cathartic as the client gives themselves permission to really feel into these emotions and allow them to properly run their cycle and release. Often the physical pain disappears or greatly improves.

Sometimes I sense a lot of stubborness… where the client is still not ready to go there… still not ready to get in touch with whatever these stuck emotions might be.

When the patient is ready, the healing will happen. I’m a strong believer in this. The pain is simply a reminder for you that there is something that needs to be dealt with.

At the very least, an hour of energy healing will leave you feeling recharged, refreshed and relaxed.