Hurray for the arrival of spring, but this year will be a powerful step on our path of ascension. The March 20 Spring Equinox will have the Equinox Ascension Portal fully realized, and we will be experiencing the ‘Pulse of God’ coming through.

This will be a powerful solar wave that will bring us to the zero point balancing of light and dark forces – bringing incredible possibilities for your manifestation journey.

Hold onto your hat leading up to the 20th – we are going through what’s being described as three powerful purification cycles that are affecting generational blockages and all things that no longer serve us. This is affecting you right down to your DNA… as well as preparing you to have more of your DNA strands activated.

During these purification cycles, physical symptoms may include blurry vision, itchy skin, body ache right down to your hair roots, chills, hot flashes. You may even feel a swirling feeling and vibration feeling through your body.

Third eye activation will increase – with the possibility of seeing sparks of lights and flashes of blue light as the veil to the other dimensions become more visible.

Moving forward, listen to your body which will be asking for higher vibrational foods – more raw foods, vegetarian, more pure water. Listen to your body and skip the junk food and the booze. Listen to the portion sizes that your body wants – you may want much less food when you are eating the right stuff. Think rice Budda bowls with hummus and shredded veggies. Don’t overthink what you eat – keep it simple and healthy.

Get out in nature as much as possible – walk the nature trails and be close to water. The negative ions from running water will help to recharge your physical system.

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