Do retrogrades make you feel cringy? Fear not – this Jupiter Retrograde, beginning today (April 10, 2019) is just what the doctor ordered. Jupiter Retrograde is a quieter time of reflection and surrendering to expectations. 

Jupiter represents abundance and expansion. It has the ability to magnify things in our lives in order for us to see the gifts and rewards. It also magnifies things to help us gain clarity and a deeper understanding of the bigger picture.

Go back and look over the past to ensure you haven’t forgotten any gifts or bounties that Jupiter may have been offering up. Open yourself to the possibilities and surrender expectations, so you can receive the gifts and rewards that are meant for you without ego blocking the way.Sometimes our journey has involved darker experiences.

There is always a silver lining, and Jupiter in retrograde will help us to see this. If we take the time to revisit painful events from our past, Jupiter will guide us to see the positives and to perhaps notice something we didn’t before.

It is so important to take time out to rest, recharge, and relax, but if there is an area of your life that you have been lazy with, Jupiter Retrograde may encourage you to take action. Often we enter into a state of prolonged laziness when we lose our sense of purpose. When we don’t feel on track in our lives, we tend to fall into the pattern of laziness, and this can fuel feelings of guilt and even self-loathing. When we lack purpose or when we don’t feel hopeful about our future, it is very hard to find the energy to do things. It also becomes easy to lose motivation for life, for maintaining friendships, and for achieving our goals.

However, when we are excited about something, when we feel full of purpose and hope, this gives us the energy to tackle the projects of the day and to move through life’s challenges. If you have found yourself lacking motivation, inspiration, or creativity, Jupiter Retrograde may be just the energy you need. This is the time to think about ways that you can step up, take charge and get that feeling of purpose flowing through your veins again.

In order to do this, you have to be willing to pivot, you have to be willing to make a shift and do things differently in order to bring some new energy and inspiration into your routine. Changing up your routine, focusing on joy, and becoming the truest version of you will help to get the river of purposefulness and motivation moving again.

Jupiter moves out of retrograde on August 11th, 2019, so we have a while to work with this energy and use it to our advantage.