My morning pages routine is proving to be extremely cathartic with a lot of thought-provoking prose hitting the page that I want to share with all of you. Morning pages is a brain dump of everything and anything that pops into your head. Best done as soon as you can manage after waking up, and written old-school using paper and pen. Maybe this is the beginning of a book? Enjoy the read…. and get started on your own writing journey!


From January 2, 2019

There’s so much that the Universe is dying to provide. It’s whispering in my ear, “It’s all right here Sherri… just grab it. You are looking for abundance everywhere except right in front of you.”

I know in my heart the path to abundance is easy peasy, effortless. I get stopped in my tracks by thinking that I don’t want to put in the work, that the technology is changing too fast, who gives a shit about what I have to say? I don’t want to play the game of fighting to convince people to like what I do…. that I really don’t like this world of social media… that I want to connect with the people who I truly resonate with in a different way.

I fumble and stumble trying to find my place in all of this. What if it was as simple as stopping and allowing? Turn down the expectation and allow the Universal flow to reach me without so much noise?

What I’m here to communicate will be front and centre. This source information will be fully plugged into me… and I simply deliver the message. There is no stress, no worry that I’m not good enough. I’m merely delivering information which I always believe with the full aspect of my soul to be truth.

How do I allow more to flow in? I honestly don’t know. My test is to get to a point where I truly believe that I’m loved and valued not by other humans, but by myself.

We are all God. We are all precious and unique in our own way. We all can shine with boundless enthusiasm whether or not we are recognized or valued by our fellow humans.
If we are here, we are already so powerful…. so at the top of our game. And I suspect we all feel the same lack of true love…. that something very important is missing.

We are 8 billion people thrown together and cut off from our Source energy…. instructed to figure out how to connect back in. We’ve been tossed into an escape room and we need to work together to solve the clues to open the door.

All of the love and abundance is right there…. on the other side of the door. What is your clue to help solve the riddle? What will help you to go still and allow yourself to feel the information to solve the problem? Think of what you need to be calm, peaceful, loving and joyful. What do you need to quiet the noise and hear the answer?