December 5, 2018

Today I’m sharing with you the highlights from one of last night’s healing sessions. The client was at my healing space for a proper private session for the very first time. There had been a couple of mini tuneups in the past, so the client was somewhat introduced already to this energy work.

I’ve been doing these sessions for quite a while now, but last night was likely some of the biggest energy flow in from the other side of the veil than I’ve ever had before.

It was very obvious that the energy wanted to work on the neck and the shoulder. Almost immediately I could see and feel the energy coming in through the client’s third eye and carving a path across the right eyebrow, down the right side of the neck and into the shoulder…. and it stayed there working and adjusting for I’d say half of the session.

The client could feel heat, tingling that went right down into the fingertips… with a lot of concentrated tingling in the elbow…. and at one point commented that it felt like someone was holding the forearm and putting a lot of pressure on it. Wasn’t me… I was at the head the whole time.

At the same time… I was seeing so much clearing happening in the throat and heart chakras. This physical pain is quite connected to emotional stuff.

At one point, I felt myself flipping into this very floaty, etheric state of mind where I’m here but not here… journeying on behalf of the client down into a very dark and deep well…. to help clear deeply buried emotional matter. As I felt into the situation to identify what this emotional matter was, family tree ancestral belief systems measured very strongly… and lots of clearing.

Overall… I’d say the client was quite amazed that it was such an interactive session where you could literally feel so strongly what was happening as the energy worked on physical issues. Now I wait to find out how the client’s shoulder and arm are feeling today.

Every single session blows me away with how this energy works to help people physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am so excited to see how this all continues to develop.