Today I wanted to share with you a miracle healing with one of my clients. I am so excited for her!

The back story

Years ago when I was still a working journalist, I felt strongly called to dive into energy work. At first it was for me. I was a mess… very stressed out, angry and depressed. I really needed help and I found that energy healing sessions were soothing the angry beast somewhat.

Fast forward a few years and a lot of hours of allowing this energy to flow through me and I feel at peace… enthusiastic with a strong knowing that there is so much more to learn, but that I’m very much heading in the right direction.

How this stuff works

Over the years I’ve tried to figure out what exactly is happening when I allow this energy to flow. The closest I’ve come to an explanation is that much higher dimensions of energy become accessible. I’m like a gateway allowing a flow of high frequency energy to this lower dimension of Earth.

When we start a session, it almost feels like the client and I are in an energy bubble… or an energy force field. I can feel the magnetic push and pull of the energy. I can feel that we are sliding in and out of different dimensions of time and space.

How does this help you?? I honestly have no idea, but it seems to. And sometimes the results are fast. Things are happening on a quantum level, which we are only just starting to explore scientifically.

Seeing the physical success from one of my most recent clients makes me realize just how amazing this whole world of energy really is.

The miracle

This woman came to me about 2 months ago feeling tired…. oh so tired. She had been following my page for a while, and figured she’d book a session. As usual, I opened the energy channel and just let things flow. I honestly never know what’s going to happen in a session. It was a good session. She left feeling sleepy and relaxed. It was all pretty normal stuff.

The next day or two when we spoke in a follow-up, she was absolutely bubbling with excitement. This extreme swelling in her legs that caused incredible pain was gone… just gone!

I honestly didn’t even realize she was dealing with so much pain or swelling. She hadn’t mentioned it when we started her session. I thought she was there for a bit of an energy boost, relaxation and curiousity.

Her husband, who was skeptical about her going for an energy healing session in the first place, was the first to notice the lack of swelling. The physical relief that this woman has received is nothing short of a miracle. I am so thrilled for her.

What is amazing is that for years and years this woman has gone from one specialist to another trying to figure out what’s going on with her legs. No one has ever been able to give her an definitive answer… no treatments have helped. It was just going to be something she needed to learn to live with.

She has continued to come for regular sessions…. about every 3 weeks. The swelling has not come back. The pain is gone. And now we are finding that the energy wants to work on other stuff. Pain in her neck is a focus, and boosting her vitality so she is more energetic on a regular basis.

I can never predict how this energy will help you. It’s strongly linked to unwinding emotional baggage as well as subconscious belief systems. And then there is this whole other ball of wax involving different versions of you that exist in other dimensions… but that’s a whole other level of woo woo.  🙂

If you do feel drawn to having a session with me, I hope you will consider. This energy wants to help you, and you are likely picking up on some energetic magnetic pull to come and have a session.

I keep things affordable and I do try to offer a range of convenient appointment times.

And then there are the group meditations that are held twice a month, if you’d rather hang out in a group as you get to know me and understand what this energy is all about.

That’s all for now… I just love to share the successes that you guys experience. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you soon.