amethyst-blur-bright-1540321Originally posted February 28, 2016

I have an interesting healing story to share…. Which renews my faith in the power of energy work.

My son has been so sick with flu. Two days of feeling worse than he’s ever felt. Well last night he finally asked for a healing session from his mama… And this morning he is back to normal. 😊

When it comes to first aid healing I rely on the power of my pendulum. I don’t think about what needs to be done. I simply command my little friend to spin and unwind the stuck energy.

My goodness how that pendulum was moving! My son is quite sensitive to energy and he said he could feel things moving.

After his 20 minute session, he crawled into bed and slept for about 4 hours.

The pendulum is a really cool little healing tool… I feel a strong emotional connection to it, just like a very good friend.

Just wanted to share with you all today. Have a great day! 😊