blur-close-up-crystal-1548091Originally written March 1, 2016

I call myself an energy healer… and I truly believe that what I do helps a person to feel better. However, I’ve always stated that I truly don’t understand what is happening when I put my hands on someone.

When I place my hands on a person during a session, my own body quickly becomes a barometer. I feel where areas are very dense and sluggish… and I then find my mind tuning into these areas and encouraging the mind/body/spirit to let go, release and expand.

Often I describe it as a process of stretching a rubber band and then letting it go to snap back into place. I know when it’s time to move my hands to a new part of a person’s body… it’s when the area feels light, sparkly, refreshed and rejuvenated. Again… it’s a feeling that I get, and images that flash through my brain.

So why am I writing this? Well… I honestly spend so much of my time pondering what it is that I do in my energy sessions. So this morning, I came across an article written by a skeptic of energy healing.

However, I found it wasn’t your typical bashing session, but rather an enlightened examination of the power of emotional connection…. how the simple acts of showing another human being empathy and compassion can at a profoundly heart-centered level can be enough to allow that person’s parasympathetic system to relax enough for healing systems to kick in.

I love what I do and I follow my instincts. I listen to the words you say, and the signals your body gives me;and I truly put my heart into my work, helping those parts of you to expand and relax.