blur-careless-close-up-592940.jpgOriginally posted October 15, 2015

Say this statement out loud, “I’m Okay to Simply Be”. Say it again… “I’m Okay to Simply Be.”

Seriously, did you say it out loud? If you did, did you feel the little tingle in your heart? This is powerful stuff! And in my energy healing practice, what seems like simple stuff often delivers the biggest bang for your buck.

When you say a statement like this, you are giving your entire being… physically, mentally and emotionally…. permission to simply BE. You remove competition, fear, ego and judgement from the equation.

You create the space within yourself to be fully and completely yourself. YOU… a wonderful, powerful energetic being that is already perfect in every way.

Let’s Get Real

So let’s be honest right now. I know you’re thinking “Big Deal!” It’s a bit too silly and woo-woo for me. I’m much too complex for this.

Well, let’s pull you out of ego… again… for just a moment. Say the statement again, “I’m Okay to Simply Be.”

Maybe this time say it with your eyes closed, and take a deep inhale/exhale. Do you feel that shift, that nudge in your chest?

With this very simple statement, you are literally moving energy, you are shifting thought patterns, you are breaking up emotional baggage.

By saying this simple statement, YOU are laying claim to your internal power.

Ridiculous Restriction

You are an infinite being of great wisdom, and you have no idea just how controlled and compressed you are by living in this dimension of time and space called Earth. If you could truly see how large your spirit is… how great your emotional body is… you would see just how ridiculous the living experience is here on Earth.

The constraints you are under are the equivalent of trying to fit a grown man into a very small box. You’ve managed to pull off this amazing feat of twisted restriction. In fact, you’ve been in this pretzel state for so long that you frankly don’t even know any different.

You Are Mighty

I’m here today to remind YOU that are so much more than this tiny, compressed piece of yourself.

When you say this statement, “I’m Okay to Simply Be,” you are allowing a little bit of energetic magic to help break the constraints… even just a little bit. And this is happening at a very deep level.

On a higher conscious level, what you feel is just a little bit of relief, of freedom… like a little bit of that weight is lifting off your chest to brighten your mood and mysteriously giving you just a bit more hope for the future.

I Channel Divine Information

Where am I getting this information? Well I can honestly say this is divine education. Typing these words to you is simply dictating a stream of information coming from High Divine Knowledge. I am a Channel for Higher Energy that comes in through me to help YOU navigate your time on Earth with just a bit more grace, joy and comfort.

You are an infinite being, and your time on Earth is just such a small part of the whole you. Don’t beat yourself up too much if you feel like things are not quite how you want them to be. This is your school of hard knocks. Planet Earth is the level of vibration to energetically get your teeth kicked in… to see how you handle it. You are here to learn the lessons of compassion and love.

When you are able to see the compassion and love and nearly every situation… then you are getting closer to the truth of how the entire Universe works.
The Energy of Love is extremely powerful… and this is a time where that energy is ramping to a new level.

There is so much more to write about all of this, but for now to know that “I’m Okay to Simple BE,”… is simply enough!

Enjoy your day,