It’s been ages since I felt compelled to write a blog post – so here goes!

When it’s been awhile, you almost don’t know where to start – so my apologies if this ends up being a bit of a stream of consciousness.

2020 is a pivotal year for mankind…. this I feel in the very core of my being. All of us are waking up to our Spiritual gifts in ways that we couldn’t imagine before. Dreams are more vivid, energy healing feels stronger and more profound, our sense of intuition and knowing is a front and centre radar that won’t be ignored.

I’m a channel, and messages from my higher self and the Divine come through best when I write… so let’s see what we need to know today:

“Greetings everyone…. the message is simple. You are loved, you are love, you are surrounded by love… and love is the strongest force in the Universe. Everything that gives you a sense of angst or unease is not a fit in your life. Really think about this! This is a time of letting go of that stuff that doesn’t fit. Understanding that you can’t simply quit your job and give up your source of income, but do you really need to feel so emotionally attached to that work that doesn’t light you up with joy?

You are a very powerful being living in a box liked a caged animal. You need to break free of the illusion that you are only allowed to have a small piece of the pie. You can have the whole pie. Dream big – live the visualization of your best life. Get clear on what is your best life. And that doesn’t mean mansions , jewels and cars.

What does it mean for you? Satisfying, rewarding work, giving back, helping others, raising your kids, cooking, building, creating? Having the time to do what you love to do…. every day waking up ready to dive in to more of what you love – this is your best life! This is what is manifesting as we speak right now for all of you.

There is nothing but love and support for all of you…. imagine a brilliant white hot sun of energy beaming down on you – lifting you up, raising your vibration…. helping to close the gap. The higher you go in vibration, the easier life feels .

Stay in a place of love, be mindful of what seems to pull you down and makes you feel less than. If something is making you sad, mad or frustrated…. take a break and look in a new direction. If someone is making you feel this way, let your empathy kick in and see what they need to help them on their journey…. or what is the lesson for you in having a person cross your path that triggers emotion in you?

You have learned so much…. you have so much knowledge inside of your…. allow your intuition to guide you along your best path.

The days of competition and fighting for the scraps of existence are over…. we are in the age of abundance. It will take a bit for everyone to get used to the idea that there is more than enough for everyone…. but this is a very exciting year to be on the planet. New beginnings, a rebirth…. rising from the ashes…. throwing off the cloak of control. It’s all right here for you… pick up that platter of goodness and watch your spirit soar.

In loving kindness….

So many Divines energetic begins that you’d simply be amazed!